Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge

111-3/5-5.95(01110) | 035A123 | I-470, Wheeling, WV 26003, United States | In-Depth | 2021-11-29
STEP 2: Evaluation of Bridge Elements

1. In the 3D model below, please click any dot (element) to evaluate. You may resize and rotate 3D bridge model using your mouse/finger.
2. At the click of the dot, a new window will pop-up and you can evaluate the inspection element by using related pictures taken and entering comments. The color of the dot evaluated will be changed depending on risk level.
3. Please repeat steps 1 - 2 for all elements to inspect, repeat steps 1-2.
4. Once you have evaluated all elements (no more grey colored dot in 3D model), click "next".

Element List
Class Category Material Type Name Rate
NBE Substructure PSC Closed Web/Box Girder (102) LF PIER
NBE Substructure PSC Floor Beam (152) LF FLOOR BEAM
NBE Superstructure Steel Closed Web/Box Girder (102) LF BEARINGS
NBE Superstructure PSC Girder Beam (107) LF GIRDER
NBE Deck PSC Closed Web/Box Girder (102) LF ONE
NBE Deck PSC Closed Web/Box Girder (102) LF TWO